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Interview with my NUCCA Chiropractor!

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down and interview one of the important members of my medical team here in Arizona. Dr. Alan Barnes is a NUCCA certified Chiropractor and he’s been a vital part to my continued recovery this past year.

I have seen many chiropractors throughout my health journey, and NUCCA is my favorite by far due to it being only a light touch on the body, and not a forceful jerk. Because NUCCA has been so beneficial to me, I wanted to help others learn about this amazing gentle form of chiropractic work.

You can see the video with Dr. Barnes here.

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Avocado Pudding (and ice cream!!) Recipe

So recently I stumbled across this amazing and ridiculously simple pudding recipe. And of all things, it has avocado in it! At first I was like…um…WHAT?!? But I’ve learned that everything is worth trying at least once. Even if it sounds crazy. And I was completely stunned when I took my first bite of this pudding. Continue reading “Avocado Pudding (and ice cream!!) Recipe”

Absolutely Delicious (Goat Cheese) Stevia-Sweetened Cheesecake

So I can’t eat cow dairy, and although most of the time I’m fine with that, recently I’ve felt that I just had to find a way to bring cheesecake back into my life. I looked up all sorts of recipes online, but each of them needed some sort of cream cheese, which I obviously couldn’t use. However, lately I have become the queen of altering recipes to fit my needs, so I decided to try making a recipe I found for a low carb cheesecake, but using a bar of goat cheese in place of the cream cheese. I had no idea what it would end up tasting like, but I figured it was worth a shot. I mean, the goat cheese sort of had the same texture as cream cheese, so why couldn’t it work?

It ended up turning into my absolute favorite dessert that I now make almost every single week. Continue reading “Absolutely Delicious (Goat Cheese) Stevia-Sweetened Cheesecake”

The Healing Power of Gratitude Ornaments

Last Christmas, I was in month six of what ended up being 13 months of intense mold treatment (on top of Lyme treatment!) and I wasn’t allowed to even step foot inside any building that hadn’t been cleared for mold. No shopping malls, no movie theaters, not even a grocery store. I was a prisoner in my apartment and I didn’t like it one bit. At that time, I could easily list off all the things going wrong in my life—and was hard-pressed to acknowledge anything about it that was good.

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Delicious Lemon Electrolyte Drink

So recently I’ve been having trouble keeping a normal balance of electrolytes in my system. While we get this new health thing sorted out, I’m supposed to replenish my electrolytes regularly. The problem is that the usual go-to items like sports drinks and Emergen-C don’t work for me, due to my many dietary restrictions. So it came down to having coconut water because of the high amount of potassium naturally in it, and sea salt. For a while I was just trying to take small amounts of sea salt under my tongue throughout the day, but that was getting old fast. Then I decided to make my own electrolyte drink that was healthy, full of electrolytes, and yummy! Continue reading “Delicious Lemon Electrolyte Drink”

Bacon-Wrapped Avocado

With all my food allergies, sensitivities, and dietary restrictions due to my mold treatment, I’m used to watching other people eat yummy food while I sip a nice glass of water. It’s something I’ve grown accustomed to over the years and it honestly doesn’t bother me anymore. Not only am I used to it, but with such a drastic change in my diet, with no sugar, carbs, or grains, I look at most food people eat and realize that even if I could have it…I have no desire to. Now that I know just how big a role food plays in my day-to-day health, I only want to put good things into my body. Which brings us to this little appetizer dish! Continue reading “Bacon-Wrapped Avocado”

Age 24 and Feeling Fantastic: How Addressing Mold Got Rid of My Lyme Symptoms After a Decade of Illness

This week I wrote a guest blog for Paradigm Change, and I go into detail about my recovery from Lyme disease and mold. Take a look!

A Closer Look: The Day I Started Walking

Every year on August 8th my family celebrates the day I started walking again. At 13 years old my knees became too painful to even stand up, so we rented a wheelchair to make it easier to get around school. As the months went on, everything worsened and spread. Soon I was bedridden and in constant body-wide pain. I couldn’t leave my hospital bed in my room due to severe back pain. I couldn’t breathe if I sat up straight or laid down flat. I couldn’t be touched anywhere on my shoulders or back due to intense hypersensitivity. I couldn’t put pressure on my legs to stand or walk because of the weakness and stabbing in my knees. My neck always hurt. All I could do was keep taking my meds and hope that one day the pain would stop. Continue reading “A Closer Look: The Day I Started Walking”

Having a flare up? Here’s some home remedies that have helped me.

I’ve been dealing with Lyme disease for over ten years, and to this day I still get caught off guard with herx’s and flare-ups. When they happen, there’s always this moment of complete terror when I think that my life as I know it is going to come crumbling down around me. At the first sign of symptoms I instantly think it’s a relapse, and even though this has been my life for over a decade, I feel helpless and at a loss of what to do next. Continue reading “Having a flare up? Here’s some home remedies that have helped me.”

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