After 12 months of waiting for the green-light to be able to go back into buildings again, I had had enough. I wanted a haircut and my long hair was driving me absolutely crazy. But I couldn’t go get a haircut, because even just a few minutes in a potentially moldy building could derail all our hard work thus far, so the only option left was to cut it at home. My mom had cut my hair once, many years ago, when I was bedridden and too sick to go get it done. But my mom wasn’t here. Just me and my boyfriend. I was ready to hack it off on my own (see picture below…)


but my boyfriend, being the smart guy he is, said to hold off while he researched how to go about this.

He found a video online of someone claiming to have the best way to cut one’s own hair—brush it all up and over the head (see picture)

FullSizeRender 15

and then bring it into a tight ponytail in front of your face.

FullSizeRender 16

Then decide how much you want to chop off, and go for it.

FullSizeRender 14

The video claimed that by brushing the hair up and over in front of your head, that it would naturally make all these layers and look good. I was quite skeptical, but we had no other option, so I brushed my hair in front of my face, and my boyfriend chopped it off.



We were stunned! It legit made layers! It made layers all over the place and they actually looked good! With just one cut we were able to shorten my hair by six inches, and give it a professionally done look. I was super impressed!

So for anyone out there who can’t get a haircut, either because of chemicals, mold, or because you’re too sick…this could be a great option. I’ve now been able to go into buildings for three weeks, and after giving it lots of consideration, I’ve chosen to keep my hair as it is. It looks good and it comes with a story. 🙂 What more could I want?


For those who prefer audio over text, I’ve recorded myself reading the blog here: