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Strawberry Coconut Ice Cream

Having such a limited diet makes it very hard to find dessert-like foods to eat. This, however, is hands down the best dessert I’ve made, and it’s SO easy! Continue reading “Strawberry Coconut Ice Cream”

Roasted Radishes

So with potatoes being a no-no in my diet, I had to come up with other ways to fill the void. Then one day I stumbled upon radishes, and my world legit changed. (I’m not even exaggerating…I eat this multiple times a week now…) What’s most wonderful about this recipe is that by roasting the radishes, it transforms them into what truly tastes like a roasted potato! I’ve served them to multiple friends and family with normal-people eating habits, and even THEY thought it tasted like potatoes! It’s so amazing and most definitely one of my top favorite foods! Continue reading “Roasted Radishes”

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