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Low-carb, Grain-Free Cucumber Turkey Sandwich

If you’re like me, then that means bread is out. Gluten-free or not, it’s out. I used to love making sandwiches. It was such a simple, quick and delicious meal! I haven’t had a sandwich in so long I can’t even recall the last time. It’s been years. But then I saw a post on Facebook talking about low-carb alternatives to various foods, and it mentioned using cucumbers in replace of bread. I thought that was clever but probably wouldn’t taste that good. I was wrong. Continue reading “Low-carb, Grain-Free Cucumber Turkey Sandwich”

Low-Carb “Rice” Pudding

I don’t know about you, but I love a good, creamy rice pudding. And with me being low-carb and no grain, I haven’t had it for a long time! But last night I decided that needed to change. I adapted nearly every ingredient from a regular rice pudding recipe to make it low-carb, no sugar, dairy free, gluten and grain free, and absolutely delicious! Continue reading “Low-Carb “Rice” Pudding”

Low-carb, no sugar, dairy-free, truly delicious brownie recipe

An evening a few weeks ago I realized the one thing still missing from my life. Chocolate cake. I was on a mission to make a good chocolate cake, yet after making it, I realized that what I had on my plate wasn’t so much a cake recipe, as it was a freaking fantastic brownie recipe.

I fiddled around with it a few times, tweaking the recipe here and there, and it is now hands down the most epic tasting low-carb, no sugar, dairy-free brownie recipe! It’s so good that my husband (who usually isn’t into my desserts) is always bringing me a slice just so that he can have an excuse to get one for himself. As if I don’t know exactly what he’s doing… It lasts half as long in the fridge with the both of us chowing down on it, but it’s so easy to make it, it doesn’t bother me. Continue reading “Low-carb, no sugar, dairy-free, truly delicious brownie recipe”

My ~new~ favorite low-carb cheesecake!

A few months ago I did a blog post about a different cheesecake recipe, because at the time I thought that was the best cheesecake in the world. Well, I was wrong. This is. Continue reading “My ~new~ favorite low-carb cheesecake!”

Avocado Pudding (and ice cream!!) Recipe

So recently I stumbled across this amazing and ridiculously simple pudding recipe. And of all things, it has avocado in it! At first I was like…um…WHAT?!? But I’ve learned that everything is worth trying at least once. Even if it sounds crazy. And I was completely stunned when I took my first bite of this pudding. Continue reading “Avocado Pudding (and ice cream!!) Recipe”

Absolutely Delicious (Goat Cheese) Stevia-Sweetened Cheesecake

So I can’t eat cow dairy, and although most of the time I’m fine with that, recently I’ve felt that I just had to find a way to bring cheesecake back into my life. I looked up all sorts of recipes online, but each of them needed some sort of cream cheese, which I obviously couldn’t use. However, lately I have become the queen of altering recipes to fit my needs, so I decided to try making a recipe I found for a low carb cheesecake, but using a bar of goat cheese in place of the cream cheese. I had no idea what it would end up tasting like, but I figured it was worth a shot. I mean, the goat cheese sort of had the same texture as cream cheese, so why couldn’t it work?

It ended up turning into my absolute favorite dessert that I now make almost every single week. Continue reading “Absolutely Delicious (Goat Cheese) Stevia-Sweetened Cheesecake”

Delicious Lemon Electrolyte Drink

So recently I’ve been having trouble keeping a normal balance of electrolytes in my system. While we get this new health thing sorted out, I’m supposed to replenish my electrolytes regularly. The problem is that the usual go-to items like sports drinks and Emergen-C don’t work for me, due to my many dietary restrictions. So it came down to having coconut water because of the high amount of potassium naturally in it, and sea salt. For a while I was just trying to take small amounts of sea salt under my tongue throughout the day, but that was getting old fast. Then I decided to make my own electrolyte drink that was healthy, full of electrolytes, and yummy! Continue reading “Delicious Lemon Electrolyte Drink”

Bacon-Wrapped Avocado

With all my food allergies, sensitivities, and dietary restrictions due to my mold treatment, I’m used to watching other people eat yummy food while I sip a nice glass of water. It’s something I’ve grown accustomed to over the years and it honestly doesn’t bother me anymore. Not only am I used to it, but with such a drastic change in my diet, with no sugar, carbs, or grains, I look at most food people eat and realize that even if I could have it…I have no desire to. Now that I know just how big a role food plays in my day-to-day health, I only want to put good things into my body. Which brings us to this little appetizer dish! Continue reading “Bacon-Wrapped Avocado”

Coconut Crusted Chicken Strips

Are you paleo? Low carb? No sugar? Allergic to everything? If so, this might be the food for you!! Continue reading “Coconut Crusted Chicken Strips”

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