If you’re like me, then that means bread is out. Gluten-free or not, it’s out. I used to love making sandwiches. It was such a simple, quick and delicious meal! I haven’t had a sandwich in so long I can’t even recall the last time. It’s been years. But then I saw a post on Facebook talking about low-carb alternatives to various foods, and it mentioned using cucumbers in replace of bread. I thought that was clever but probably wouldn’t taste that good. I was wrong.

I went to the store and bought cucumbers, sliced turkey, mayo, mustard, and soft goat cheese. I put them together into little mini sandwiches, and I was so pleasantly surprised!! They taste good! Like little appetizers you would get at a fancy restaurant! And they are so easy to make, and definitely low-carb, and I’ve now had them nearly every day this week! I even brought them with me to work one day for lunch!

If you are limited in the foods you can eat, or you’re just trying to make your meal a little healthier, I highly recommend these cucumber sandwiches!


  • cucumbers
  • sliced turkey (or any meat you want)
  • soft goat cheese (or any type of cheese you want)
  • mayo
  • mustard