Throughout my mold treatment a few things have stuck out as being truly helpful. The first being Amazon Prime. With me not able to go inside a grocery store, that makes it so all of my shopping has to be done by my boyfriend, who is a full-time student, has a job, and is a busy guy. So I have become very dependent on Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping. Amazon has everything from clothes to kitchen supplies to food! With guaranteed two-day shipping, I can plan ahead and have everything delivered right to my door.

The next thing is Amazon Prime Now. Prime Now is a relatively recent addition to the Amazon family and is essentially groceries delivered right to your door in two hours or less. It has no extra cost to Prime members, and only a suggested tip of $5 to the delivery person. Prime Now works with local grocery stores, so I’m able to get organic zucchini, onions, leeks, grass-fed beef, steak…etc. from a local store without leaving my apartment! You buy everything through the Prime Now app on your phone, and they text you updates on where your delivery person is, and let you know when they are close. It’s been so great and I depend heavily on it. Between the Prime Now app and regular Amazon Prime, I only need my boyfriend to pick up food at the store for me every once in a while. It’s a really wonderful option if you need help buying groceries, and you live in a city that offers it.

Something else that has made a noticeable difference in my life is my negative ion generator. I leave it on all the time now, because I feel happier and healthier in its presence. There’s just something about it—it makes the air feel fresher, and I find myself drawn to the room it’s in.

Negative ions are known to life spirits and have a healing effect on the people around them. They attach to positive ions such as dust, mold spores, bacteria, and viruses, making them too heavy to stay airborne, and thus removing them from the air you breathe. I have noticed a difference, and I figure if something as simple as a negative ion generator can clean the air I’m breathing each day, why not do it? I always try to set myself up for success—and my negative ion generator has become an important part in that.

The last thing that has been an enormous help is my Southwest credit card. See, I don’t live with my parents or near my mold specialist. So every month or so, when it’s time for my next appointment, I have to fly down to my parent’s house for a few days, and we all go together. That’s a lot of miles and a lot of money. One day my dad called me up saying he thought there was a better way to do this. We took out a joint Southwest credit card in both our names, and made it so the bill goes to him. Then we decided that all my medical expenses would go on that credit card. I always fly Southwest, and I always have medical expenses to pay, so by pairing the two, we were able to have all my medical bills pay for my flights. As of writing this, I haven’t paid for a single flight in over a year. That’s more than 24 free flights, all paid for by medical expenses that would otherwise have gone to waste.

For those who prefer audio over text, I’ve recorded myself reading the blog here: